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Who is the better goalkeeper, Courtois or De Gea?

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Manchester United take on Chelsea on Saturday with the Premier League’s top two keepers going head-to-head.A meeting between Manchester United and Chelsea this weekend could play a big part in the destination of the Premier League title.

While Jose Mourinho’s side have been the runaway leaders this season, United have been silently efficient under Louis Van Gaal and now find themselves third in the table, just a point off second-placed Arsenal.

Two players that have played a leading role in the success of both teams are goalkeepers David De Geaand Thibaut Courtois, with the Belgian enjoying his first season in the Premier League and De Gea now arguably the league’s top stopper.

But who comes out on top? We decided to find out.

First and foremost, De Gea has made more saves that Courtois this season, with a tally of 81 compared to 65, although the Belgian has made more punches than his counterpart, 9 to 5.

When it comes to claiming balls into the box, the Spaniard has made 23 total high claims and every one of them has been successful. In contrast, Courtois has made 63 high claims and 61 have been successful, a success rate of 96%.

The sweeper keeper role is also now a vital one for modern day number ones, and in this regard the Belgian comes out on top. He has made 14 sweeper keeper attempts this season, with each one being successful. De Gea, on the other hand, has made 20 attempts, and 17 have been successful, a success rate of 85%.

So then, a hard fought battle between these two shot-stoppers, with neither being far ahead of the other. Both will arguably play a big role in Saturday’s fixture, but who comes out


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