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Who said it only had to be one winner for the SportPesa Jackpot or its Bonus? Last weekend, 4 Kenyan citizens, namely John Simiyu, Moses Okello, Fredrick Mbindyo and David Gatura defied the odds to each win Kshs 1,019,215.

The Quartet predicted correctly 12 Jackpot games out of all 13 on the SportPesa weekly Jackpot.

 The Quartet from different counties of Kenya placed their Jackpot bets independently and were each notified of their winning by 10 p.m. on Sunday.

 Brilliant ideas from each of them in matters investment. The winning for each of them will indeed transform their lives for the better.

 SportPesa, the leading Mobile and Online based Sports betting platform in Kenya is honored to hold a cheque presentation ceremony for each of them on Wednesday. Several bets can be placed with SportPesa including Single bet, Multi bet but the Jackpot is the bet that provides the highest winning if all 13 predictions for the 13 Jackpot games are placed correctly. Getting 10, 11 or 12 correct picks out of all 13 Jackpot games, still makes you a winner with SportPesa.

Truly, football passion pays, and it pays big with SportPesa.

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