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Muteti Handed Second Chance At Commonwealth Games

National swimming sensation, Emily Muteti, receives a SOYA award from National Olympics Committee of Kenya President, Paul Tergat.PHOTO/SPN
National swimming sensation, Emily Muteti, receives a SOYA award from National Olympics Committee of Kenya President, Paul Tergat. PHOTO/SPN
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NAIROBI, Kenya- When Emily Muteti qualified to be part of Team Kenya for Commonwealth Games in Glasgow, Scotland, in 2014, she was very excited.

Little did she know that this dream would not come true as she fell sick just days to the games which saw her hospitalized.

“I was put down with Dengue Fever. I was so upset to miss out,” underlined Muteti who is a Sports Science student at a top university in the United States of America.

But as they say, life always has a second chance, Muteti is all smiles as she again is part of Team Kenya for Commonwealth Games to be held in Gold Coast, Australia, on April 4 to 15, 2018.

“This will be my first time to represent Kenya in the Club Games. My objective is to produce a Personal Best in all my events.

“I will also take the opportunity to watch and learn from world class swimmers, I want to know their techniques and tips that I can use to become the best that I can be,” Muteti underscored.

The 19 year-old says it is a great honor to be selected to represent Kenya as it shows that all the hard work she has put in the discipline is paying off.

She is stepping up training at the university to sharpen-up ahead of Gold Coast where she is looking forward to make a mark.

“I am doing build-up on endurance, strength and conditioning. Closer to the dates, I will begin to taper in preparation for my races.,” she highlighted.

Muteti says regular competitions was a real challenge when she was based in Kenya.

“Being fortunate enough to now study in the States means that competitions are much more frequent. This will assist in my preparations,” she stressed.

Among the numerous medals she has won include those from CANA, South Africa National Championships and the Singapore National Championships events.

Olympics dream

She is also fortunate to hold a number of Kenyan records in various events especially butterfly which is her specialty.

“I have also represented the country in other world championships and at the continental events and I pray that I continue to do so in the future,” she stated.

Muteti’s other goal is to make an ‘A ‘qualifying time for the 2020 Olympics in the 50m and 100m butterfly categories.

“I would also like to give back to the sport in Kenya by later coaching and motivating young swimmers and helping parents to understand that swimming can take you places.”

As a student of Sports Science, Muteti is keen to learn about all the different aspects of what’s involved in sports from dieting, training, psychology and physiology and how it all works together for an optimum performance.

Her role model in the sport is Swedish swimming sensation, Sarah Sjostrom. She says she wants to perform her butterfly contests the way Sjostrom does.

Muteti started proper swimming at the age of 11 after being introduced to the game by her grandfather.

“He taught me to swim when I was small. He always did this whenever he came on holiday to Kenya.

“Then I swam at school during our swimming lessons. I later joined a swimming club where I perfected the techniques,” Muteti emphasized.

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