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MEET Mr Samwel Machogu The Ksh 1,478,480 Sportpesa Jackpot Bonus Winner.

“Did you ever stop to think that SportPesa is a game of probability? I mean, the Home team or Away team could win or the match could end in a Draw.”

These are the words of Mr Samwel Machogu, a Maths teacher and SportPesa’s latest and highest ever Jackpot Bonus winner. Mr Samwel won himself Kshs 1,478,480 from a Kshs 100 bet, for predicting correctly 12 Jackpot games out of all 13.

He terms this as a miracle from God since he just wanted to win 10 games so as to get the bonus for the 10 correct predictions from SportPesa. “When I got 9 games correct, I was anxious and could not sleep.

I had to wait and see if I would get the 10th prediction correct. Alas, I had. I tried to wake up my wife to tell her the good news but she did not respond.

By this point, I had lost only on the Aston Villa vs West Ham game as I had predicted that West Ham would win. The final two games were playing concurrently at 10PM and I kept checking the results of the two matches fingers crossed. By the time Marseille beat Monaco 2 – 1 and Celta vigo Drew with Sevilla, I was at my wits end as I had predicted the same. I kept checking my bet to be sure that these were the results I had predicted.

After a few minutes, I received the notification message from 79079 that I had won Kshs 1,478,480. I went to inform my wife who was still asleep, she could not believe it until she read the SMS. She was so happy.”

“Our plan is to invest in a pool table game so that the people that play can earn money just the same way SportPesa made me earn this money,” said the excited Machogu.

“I will first of all give 10% to God since He is the one that enabled me win this money. Winning is real with SportPesa, unlike the other pyramid schemes.

I was actually conned through a pyramid scheme and was very hesitant to participate with SportPesa. Only after seeing my friends win and have the money instantly credited in their

SportPesa account did I gain trust and decided to play. I am an Arsenal fanatic. I will continue to bet with SportPesa, as I eye the Jackpot,” added Machogu.

SportPesa is the leading Sports betting Mobile and Online based platform in Kenya.

Several bets can be placed including Single bet, Multi bet but the Jackpot is the bet that provides the highest winning if all 13 predictions for the 13 Jackpot games are placed correctly. Lest you forget, if you get 10, 11 or 12 correct picks out of all 13 Jackpot games, you are still a winner with SportPesa.

Truly, football passion pays

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