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Kenya Selects 50 Swimmers For Uganda Regional Championships

Action during Private and International Schools Sports Association (PIPSSA) swimming contest at the Makini School in Nairobi on February 10, 2018.PHOTO/ERICK OCHIENG.
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NAIROBI, Kenya- Kenya has selected 50 swimmers to represent the country at the regional swimming championships in Kampala, Uganda from June 4 to 9.

This follows the conclusion of a two-day swimming gala, held by Private and International Schools Sports Association (PIPSSA), at the Makini School in Nairobi over the weekend.

Sangani of Visa Oshwal Academy clocked 3:26.64 to win the Girls Under-7 100m Individual Medley.

Girls Under-9 100m Individual Medley was won by Audrey Chebet of Rose of Sharon School in 1:45.73.

Chebet’s compatriot, Cynthia Waigwe, clocked 1:36.57 to triumph in the Girls Under-11 100m Individual Medley.

“I trained hard through the week and I’m glad my efforts did not go to waste,” said Chebet.

“My focus is to perform better in Uganda so I can qualify to represent Kenya in Dubai later this year,” Chebet added.

Keita Curia of St. Peters (32.37) was the Boys Under-7 25m breast stroke winner. Boys Under-11 25m noodle race went to Darsh Shah of Visa Oshwal Academy in 37.20.

Regional championships

The contest was attended by 700 swimmers from 26 schools across Nairobi and its environs.

Kenya is looking forward to better her record in the Ugandan championships that will also act as a qualifier for Hamilton Aquatics Summer Sizzler Swimming Championships in Dubai in November.

“We will strive to improve on our performance at the regional championships in Uganda. We had 26 gold, 15 silver and 32 bronze last year.

“Our target is to win the overall team trophy in Kampala,” PIPSSA swimming coordinator, Mariko Gaya told SportPesa News.

“It will be the first time that PIPSSA will be taking part in the Dubai contest. We will work hard to prepare well enough so we can do better in the competition,” Gaya underlined.

Gaya said they will hold another swimming competition at St. Peters School in Juja on March 17 to qualify more athletes for Kampala.

“We have already set targets for the regional championships in Kampala. Our mission is to win the overall trophy and improve our medal tally, “Gaya concluded.

Girls Team Score

1. Oshwal Academy – Nairobi                                                     394

2. Rose OF Sharon Academy                                                       153

3.Chantilly                                                                                  107

4. Kitengela British System                                                          100

5. Premier Academy                                                                      93

6. St. Nicholas Senior School                                                       75

7. Acacia Crest Academy                                                              58

8. St. Austines Academy                                                               40

9. Consolata School                                                                       39

10. Makini Schools Sports Academy                                         13

11. Juja ST Peters School                                                              6

Boys Team Score

1. Oshwal Academy – Nairobi                                                      430

2. Chantilly                                                                                      123

3. Juja ST Peters School                                                                106

4. Rose OF Sharon Academy                                                        99

5. Acacia Crest Academy                                                              83

6. Strathmore School                                                                    68

7. Makini Schools Sports Academy                                           56

8. St. Austines Academy                                                             49

9. St. Nicholas Senior School                                                       41

10. Consolata School                                                                      29

11. Kitengela British System                                                         21

12. Premier Academy                                                                   8

Combined Team Score

1. Oshwal Academy – Nairobi                                                     882

2. Chantilly                                                                                     258

3. Rose OF Sharon Academy                                                       252

4. Acacia Crest Academy                                                              141

5. St. Nicholas Senior School                                                       132

6. Juja ST Peters School                                                                128

7. Kitengela British System                                                          121

8. Premier Academy                                                                      113

9. St. Austines Academy                                                               89

10. Makini Schools Sports Academy                                         69

11. Consolata School                                                                    68

12. Strathmore School                                                                  68

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