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Just for Loughs: Serie A Goalkeeper Scuffs Ball Into His Own Net

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Earlier this week, Torino hosted Empoli in a Serie A fixture. The game wasn’t pegged to set off any fireworks— both teams are comfortably safe from relegation,

and while Torino technically has a chance of catching up to Napoli or Fiorentina for a Europa League spot, it doesn’t look likely. Neither had much to play for.

Given the profile and near-total lack of hype surrounding this match-up between two midtable Serie A cruiserweights, it’s only fitting that the game had one of the most incredible moments in European football this week. And this is a week that featured probably the best Champions League match of the season.

Less than three minutes into the game, Torino goalkeeper Daniele Padelli collected a backpass from one of his defenders. He then went to switch the play by passing to another defender on the other side of the pitch. At least that’s what he tried to do. Padelli, positioned right in front of one of his goalposts, scuffed his pass and watched helplessly as the ball trickled into his own net. That was the only goal of the match, gifting Empoli with three ignominious points.

So if you’re sitting at your desk today at the end of a rough week, just remember— it could’ve been much worse.


Additional Source: .pastemagazine

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