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DC Comics in Legal Dispute with Valencia over Their Use of a Bat in Their Logo.

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Valencia are in a fight near the top of the La Liga table, and now they’re also in a fight with the law over variations in their new club logo. Spanish publication Plaza Deportiva (h/t Fox Soccer) first reported the legal dispute, as it seems DC Comics—the creators of the all-so popular Batman comic-book empire—don’t approve of the use of a bat on the Spanish side’s logo. So they filed papers to the OHIC, which governs the European Union’s trademark registration body.

Of course, there are obvious similarities: They both have bats!


Valencia, however, have had a bat in their logo since the club’s creation in March 1919. The first Batman comic book was published in 1940.

 Point: Valencia.

We think the comics are going to have a battle of comic-book-like proportions (sorry) on their hands if they wish to win this one.

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