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Chelsea fans hit back at Jose Mourinho are his Stamford Bridge jibe.

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Jose Mourinho has continued his scathing attack on Chelsea’s sup­porters – but refused to endorse Roy Keane’s famous ‘prawn sandwich’ critique.

The Blues have won all five of their Premier League home games this term after beating QPR 2-1 in a hard-fought London derby on Sat­urday.

Mourinho criticised his team for a lack of intensity, but his biggest frustration was with the home sup­porters, who were too quiet for the Portuguese’s liking.

Perhaps the Blues fans are demanding more entertainment, like their manager.

Mourinho was critical of the Chelsea fans immediately after Saturday’s match and again in a separate briefing for newspapers.

It was a rebuke reminiscent of former Manchester United captain Keane’s rant, but Mourinho declined the opportunity to point the finger at corporate supporters.

“I’m not here to sell books,” said Mourinho, who had a falling out with Keane following Chelsea’s match with Aston Villa.

“We are the team to get less sup­port in home matches. When com­pared to my previous time I think it’s getting worse.

“I don’t question the pas­sion and the love – I’m nobody to question that and I know clearly that is not true.

“I will always love them and respect them, but I don’t know why the atmosphere is poor.”

It was a fitful performance from Chelsea, with moments of bril­liance – notably Oscar’s first-half goal – but it required an Eden Haz­ard penalty to secure victory after Charlie Austin’s equaliser.

After two games in little more than 48 hours – the draw at Man­chester United and League Cup de­feat of Shrewsbury – Mourinho was relieved to negotiate a trying week.

“The week was very strange,” added Mourinho, whose side play at Maribor in the Champions League on Wednesday.

“You play Man­chester United on the Sunday, on the Monday you travel. Some of the players had two days off.

“Some of the others had to go to Shrewsbury immediately. It was a very strange week to work and to be focused.

“We tried, but the indi­vidual performances weren’t there and the collective performance was not there too. We have to be more consistent and to play better.”

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