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Chelsea Bus Parked Before even PSG Game Began.

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Unless you’ve been living under a rock in the past decade, then you will know that ‘Parking the Bus’ is a term coined for teams that sit back and defend for lengthy periods to keep their opponents at bay.

And on several occasions, Jose Mourinho was usually the man orchestrating the defensive tactic, which was the system that successfully defended against a rampant Barcelona back in 2010 for Inter Milan… leading the way to Mourinho’s second Champions League trophy.

So it was a bit ironic that as Chelsea were travelling to the Parc des Princes in their team bus, it got stuck at a corner and subsequently crashed into the wall, ultimately parking the bus.

It was then reported that there were no injuries in the aftermath of the incident, and that the game was set to continue at its scheduled time.

However, due to Mourinho’s link to ‘parking the bus’, there was no shortage of jokes on social media in regards to Chelsea’s now battered bus.

But Mourinho’s ‘bus’ held out a barrage of attacks from PSG in the second half, prevailing once again to take a positive 1-1 result back to Stamford Bridge.



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