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Twitter makes fun of Wayne Rooney’s handwriting

Twitter makes fun of Wayne Rooneys handwriting

Wayne Rooney tweeted his goodbyes to North America last night, thanking all the fans for their support and for turning out in such numbers, while at the same time lamenting the result against PSG.

Along with the Tweet, Rooney wrote ‘Thanks USA’ in quite sketchy handwriting, which provoked some hilarity from his Twitter followers, who wondered whether one of his kids had written the message.

His autograph was equally illegible, although that is standard with signature style.

Making fun of his handwriting is a bit petty, albeit harmless enough; he actually did leave school quite early in order to concentrate on his football, and is probably a little embarrassed about his poor penmanship.

He probably doesn’t care too much; it hasn’t prevented him from writing several books!

And to be fair, in today’s digital age, the art of handwriting is becoming obsolete, and is decreasingly important in the face of typing skills.

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