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Kenya’s Sports Minister Defies Federations over NOCK’s Disbandement

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Sports cabinet secretary Hasan Wario has overruled sporting federations over the disbandment of the National Olympic Committee-Kenya (NOCK).

Wario said the government’s move of disbanding NOCK was final and there is no turning back and he was now focused on the next stage.

“The time for talking is over and it’s time for action. There is no turning back in this decision I made of disbanding NOCK,” he said.

During a stakeholders meeting hosted by Sports Kenya (SK) for sports federations at the Moi International Sports Centre, Kasarani, federation officials had urged the minister to reverse the decision of disbanding NOCK.

The officials argued that Kenya was likely to face the wrath of the International Committee (IOC) by slapping sanctions on the country if NOCK was disbanded.

They urged the government to deal with individual NOCK officials and leave the umbrella body alone to continue operating.

They said NOCK’s constitution provided mechanism of dealing with mismanagement which can be adequately handled as the individual officials carried their own crosses.

“As members of NOCK we can convene a Special General Meeting (SGM) to specifically discuss the conduct of the officials in relation to the Rio Olympics fiasco and take appropriate action,” proposed veteran journalist and Kenya Hockey Union (KHU) vice chairperson Elyna Shiveka.

Wario overruled the officials and said the disbandment of NOCK remains and were now focused on the roadmap of revamping the umbrella body.

The minister said they will engage IOC to ensure Kenya is not banned.Wario wants to justify his case basing on integrity issues.

He said the probe committee he selected to investigate the Rio fiasco will do its work as planned unabated.

On August 25th, the government disbanded the National Olympic Committee of Kenya (NOCK) after the Rio Olympics fiasco.

Consequently, the government transferred the powers to Sports Kenya to run the NOCK on interim basis until fresh elections are held.


The minister based his reasons on alleged mismanagement of facilitation for Kenyan athletes and entire team ranging from accreditation of participants, provision of kits that never reached athletes as required.

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